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Over the last 10 years, I have been spending up to 10 hours a day seating in front of my computer for work, sometimes without any break for few hours in a row. After years of such routine, I felt the need to find some relief for my lower back, my gluteals and my hamstrings.

This is when I got into some exercises with Laurie to focus on breathing and stretching out my sore muscles. As a fast pace person, it was hard for me at first to slow down, to be in the moment and listen to my body. Before I knew it, I was actually practicing yoga. I learned which exercises are good for my condition and how to practice them on my own.


Today, there is not a single day I don't spend some time on my mat, even if only for 15 minutes. I set up a yoga corner at home so I can quickly get into some exercises whenever I feel like it, no excuse! I even now travel with a light yoga mat and straps so I can quickly recover from long flights. Namaste!

-François H.


I would highly recommend everyone and anyone to  do Ayurveda yoga and nutrition with the assistance of mentor Laurie Hang. I have only had 6 sessions with Laurie, but the 6 sessions we have had have really opened my eyes to a much healthier and balanced lifestyle.

I have had chronic neck/shoulder problems for the last 2 years. The pain was so painful that even strong painkillers were not helping. Even physical therapy only helped temporarily. The breathing and yoga techniques that Laurie taught me are techniques that last a lifetime and in the short 6 sessions I saw her my pain is finally starting to improve. I now practice Ayurveda yoga daily and it really helps relax my tension that I carry better than any painkiller or physical therapy that western medicine sent me too. It has also really lessened my anxiety which I do suffer from.
I also did the nutrition program and I didn't think I could change some of the things I used to eat, but I eat a lot healthier now and am a lot more mindful about what I put into my body.  I now know what foods make me feel much fuller, better, and generally give me more mental clarity throughout my day. Laurie is very detailed about this kind of stuff and very patient as well. I can't thank her enough.
There is no mentor like Laurie Hang, she is an absolute gem!!!
-Teri G.


A few months ago I was in a really bad place. I have an anxiety disorder and it was at an all-time high. I was very depressed About my weight and very embarrassed to even go out into crowded places. I also let my mind wonder so much that peace was almost impossible to find at times. A friend of mine recommended me to go to miss Laurie Hang. He told me that she was a yoga therapist and so much more. The only reasons I went were because I trusted my friend's opinion and I was in desperate need of help.


My first meeting with Laurie I could tell right off the bat why she got into her profession. She is a humanitarian who has a heart that bleeds for people. As I told her my story of the reasons I suffer with anxiety she took notes and The compassion she had could not be hidden. Laurie truly listened to every word I said and that gave me so much respect for her. Most people just wait for their turn to talk, but not her. She truly wanted to help. Laurie brought me back into the world. I know that sounds ridiculously deep, but it is true. Through her mental therapy, physical therapy & yoga therapy... I feel like she brought me back to life. I was so excited for our weekly sessions. I lost over 25 pounds, gained strength, learned nutrition like never before, and most importantly. found peace again. There are no words that I can write for anyone to truly comprehend how wonderful these sessions with Laurie are. If you want to truly feel alive let Miss Laurie Hang teach you how to change your life!!


-Starla A.

The first time I have ever done a one on one guided breathing exercise was with Laurie Hang. I had told her that I had quite a few restless nights and was finding it very difficult to sleep. After a few minutes of her asking questions she had said that it sounded like I was very anxious and I needed to slow down my breathing to than slow down my thoughts. She had explained to me how it is often to difficult to rest or go to sleep if our minds are busy.


We did just that, she worked solely on my breath for our first time together. A combination of her guided breathing exercises, knowledge of the body, and the music she had playing put me at peace. I was able to slow down my thoughts and begin to rest. It was the first time I had ever had so much control of me when before this moment I had never been taught that I can do such a thing.


At a later practice I had with Laurie, she educated me on some spinal exercises. We started off with the slowing of the breath and went into some more advanced postures. We began to work on the core as well as the spine. The practice themselves were not physically challenging and offered such an amazing health benefit. I left her practice with little to no tension in my back. 


I look forward to learning more from Laurie and seeing what other yoga exercises she can teach me.


I highly recommend her services for anyone who is looking to start their yoga practice and even for someone who is Intermediate or more advanced and looking to further educate themselves in Ahimsa Yoga Practice.


-Chris L.

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