The Ultimate Weapon Against Stress

The dictionary defines "stress" as "a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances." We are getting stressed from unrealistic expectations from work, miscommunication with colleagues or family, or even straight-out subconscious self-inflicted discouragement. Whoever you may be, more likely than not, you are experiencing some kind of stress in your life. For my first blog post for 2018, I want you to understand that this stress needs to be controlled because it is actually causing emotional and physical harm to you and self-care can be the ultimate antidote to heal current stress and prevent bigger issues down the road.

Instead of "consumer" self-care like spending a day at the spa, or looking forward to that glass of wine to relax; self-care is being real with yourself. It's about taking the time to reflect on what's not working and figuring out what to do next. It's hard to admit that your dreams don't work unless you do. Just like any process that we want to improve, it is very crucial to reflect on decisions/events, notice patterns, and take action to either keep the mission on course or let it evolve. Do you know what you want? What is your purpose in life? If you are like me, you know there has to be more to this life than just going to work and paying bills. If you don't take the time to figure this out, no one else will. In this perspective, if we want to correct behavior, we must first be able to see it. What I want you to understand is that you can have it all but it takes work and sacrifice but everything worth having requires the same amount of effort. When you are able to listen to yourself and put yourself first, that is when you can stop the *monkey chatter* and you will have the focus to push through and be one step farther in your path. So stop running away. Stop finding that next escape. Don't let the consumer goods distract you from the ultimate prize. Don't let the wine block you from freeing yourself. One of my favorite quotes:

Make this your best year ever and start investing in yourself today. It's time to put it all on the table. List and brainstorm. Spend time plotting in notebooks and read those books you've always wanted to read. Find your purpose, focus on 3 goals you want to hit in 2018, and go get 'em! Start With These Suggestions: (Don't be shy, share your answers!) Where do I want to be in 1 year? • Handle a rotation of 10-20 yoga clients/students • Leading my first eco-friendly yoga retreat

Top 3 places to visit: • San Francisco because the last time I went was 2015. • Vegas for my bach! • France, to get married and do touristy things with my parents! What are my bucket list items? • TED speaker • Play 1 song on the ukelele • Swim in the open ocean

• Speak fluent Cantonese (no English) • Live on a yacht • Go on Shark Tank

•Pilot license

Did you answer these questions? Do you have other methods of self-care and re-alignment? Share them below!

As always, keep it light and happy!


#stress #selfcare #motivation #findyourpath

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