Yoga for Feet & Posture

The alignment of the feet and lower body, is the foundation literally if we want to maintain good health. If you think about it, the lower body, the muscles of the feet and legs, and the ankle joint, guides and takes the weight of our entire body. It’s important to look at the way we are walking and how the feet are landing.

Yoga Therapy helps to bring awareness into the body. There are so many muscles and bones in the bottom parts of our structure that were made to move and connect to the floor. We wear shoes that change the structure of the feet. We then land the body possibly misaligned, on very hard even pavement, every step. Your feet need to breathe and connect to the something; they need to stretch and to articulate.

Mountain pose (Tadasana) is my favorite way to connect and ground into the floor with my feet. And perfect for grounding this season!

  1. Stand with the feet parallel, hip width apart.

  2. Press the 2 sides of the balls and the heel evenly into the mat. If you have an arch, lift gently to engage the inner thighs.

  3. Keep the knees slightly bent to engage the thighs, draw the belly in and lift the belly into the spine.

  4. Firm the shoulder blades down towards the tail bone, arms engaged by your sides. Keep the chin in line with the floor.

  5. Don’t forget to breathe!

Try Tadasana and tell me how it made you feel! Leave me a comment below!



PS Be sure to check out my other post on the alignment of hands in weight-bearing yoga postures.

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