The Mindful Diva Challenge!

I am super excited to announce that I will be co-hosting my first Instagram challenge with my DIVA friend Hellena next week! (YES, Thanksgiving week!)

Isn't this bracelet gorgeous? What a beautiful Creation by Hellena!! The bracelet is made with semi-precious stones to attract an array of energy to boost your chakras!

The Crown Chakra | Clear Quartz – Cleansing, Energy, Clarity | Functions: Wisdom, transcendence, universality

The Third Eye Chakra | Amethyst - Power, Spiritual Awareness, Healing | Functions: Extrasensory perception, intuition, inspiration

The Throat Chakra | Lapis Lazuli – Insight, Intellect, Awareness | Function: Personal truth, etheric, expression

The Heart Chakra | Jade - Healing, Love, Courage, Peace | Functions: Compassion, love, integration

The Solar Plexus Chakra | Calcite – Grounding, Inner peace | Functions: Will, social self, power

The Sacral Chakra | Carnelian – Inner creativity, Individuality, Sexual Energy | Functions: Emotions, creativity, sexuality

The Root Chakra | Hematite – Balance, Intuition, Confidence | Functions: Safety, grounding, right to live

***1 Bracelet will be awarded to the person who follows all the rules and takes the most creative photos with thoughtful commentary!***

How To Enter This Instagram Challenge:

1. FOLLOW me @hanghealthyyoga and Hellena @creationsbyhellena

2. TAG a friend to join you!

3. Every day from Sunday Nov 19 to Saturday Nov 25, post a photo each day summarizing how you did your "homework" and briefly write a reflection of your experience. Each post must be time-stamped on its respective day (Example: You can't post a Tuesday post on a Wednesday)

4. Don't forget to HASHTAG #MindfulDiva in each post! Please make sure your Instagram account is PUBLIC so we can see and comment on your posts!

See you on Instagram!!

Love and light,


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