How Can Yoga Therapy Help Me?

"Up in the air" Yoga

When the body suffers from a physical or mental energy block, this energy is transferred to the other. The physical body feels what the conscious mind thinks. When we link the mind to the body, students of yoga therapy learn to release tension and stop habits that lock them into place. Yoga Therapy can also be similar to physical therapy. By using basic movements (Postures) to rehabilitate from injury and to relearn body functionality through reconnection of the inner wiring. There are countless studies that have evidence-based research on yoga’s physical and mental benefits.

Yoga Therapy can also be similar to Psycho-therapy. Psycho-therapy uses mental and emotional principles and practices to help deal with change, loss, anxiety and other struggles of the mind. Because heart experiences have an effect on the physical body, we must heal from the inside out. Many physical symptoms are indicative of underlying emotional issues that need resolution. Psycho-neuroimmunology, a branch of psychology that studies the interaction between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, is one area where Yoga Therapy could have a real change on the self, starting with the mind.

Yoga Therapy can be used to find the spiritual component of our nature. All spiritual paths and religions acknowledge that human beings have soul energy within. We learn that the problems in our lives are rooted in a state of unawareness. This could translate as a feeling of being blocked or limited in some way or form. Similar to other forms of energy medicine like acupuncture, yoga therapy improves the flow of vital life force energy (prana) to restore natural health and sense of purpose.

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