What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy by the Beach

Yoga Therapy is a holistic form of alternative medicine that adapts the entire science of yoga to affect health and healing to the individual.

After an initial assessment is made of a client’s needs, challenges and goals, the Yoga Therapist creates a personalized program to address the current situation of the client. This program will depend primarily on the the client's current level of physical capacity and lifestyle and can include a wide range of mind-body practices, postural alignments and breathing exercises, to relaxation strategies and meditation techniques.

With a trained Yoga Therapist, people can use this ancient science to reduce stress and increase emotional balance, rejuvenate their bodies from injury or illness, and to connect with the inner workings of the soul. Through self-awareness and body connection, Yoga Therapy can be that ultimate catalyst to help you bring positive change to your life.

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