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Yoga For Every Body

Private Sessions


Personalized Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda is for you if...

  • You have an injury or health condition, and want a therapeutic and safe approach to your yoga practice.

  • You want to eat better and lose weight, and need someone to keep you accountable.

  • You know that you need to take care of yourself but you need someone to come to you.

Semi-Private & Small Group Sessions


Semi-Private & Small Group Yoga Sessions are for you and your group if...

  • You have friends, relatives, work colleagues or another group of up to 8 people for an accountability circle!

  • You can decide on a convenient time/day for all, and commit to meeting at the same time once a week.

  • This is perfect for a weekly meet-up at the park or beach!

Corporate Wellness


Corporate Wellness Sessions are for your team if...

  • You want to increase productivity, reduce employee absenteeism and health costs, and company culture. 

  • You can commit to at least 15 minutes in the work-week to have employees breathe to reduce stress, and stretch to release tension in the body.

  • You want to do yoga in the office with your team, showing them how to be humble!


Yoga can be personalized for any occasion...

  • Corporate events to awaken the mind and improve focus to absorb the content to be presented.

  • Corporate retreats to build better teamwork and collaboration.

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