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Corporate Wellness

What are the benefits of holding a yoga class on-site for employees?


  • Increased productivity

  • Relief in desk-related physical pain in areas such as the neck, shoulder, lower back pain, wrists

  • Improvement in focus and concentration

  • Better clarity for decision-making

  • Decrease stress-related issues such as migraines

  • Reduce absenteeism and health costs

  • Happier employees

  • Better teamwork and collaboration 

  • Improved corporate culture

Employee Wellness Program Creation

60 minutes

Just like how our own physical bodies have characteristics and trigger points, your corporate culture and human resources team have a dynamic energy that can be improved and fine-tuned to increase productivity and collaboration. During this initial session, we will discuss employee metrics goals, brainstorm suggestions and recommendations, as well as assess the space and any other equipment needs. 
Employee Wellness Program Packages 

Customize your own package, contact us!

Each session is a step forward in bringing increased body and self awareness to employees. Yoga and meditation when practiced regularly can be the perfect weapon against daily stress.

Corporate Yoga FAQs


1. What is the price to provide onsite yoga classes at my office?
Prices start at $400 and vary by location and class frequency, please contact us for a quote!

2. How long are the classes?

Classes start from 30 minutes and can be customized to your office schedule. Contact us to discuss.

3. How many people can you accommodate? How much space do I need?

The price of $400 is for 20 employees. You are limited only by the size of your location. Think of the size of a yoga mat, plus a few inches of breathing room on each side. How many yoga mats could you fit in your space? Conference rooms, hallways, grassy lawns (weather permitting), roof decks, and office gyms are great places for corporate yoga.


4. What should participants wear?

Comfortable clothing that they can move around in. You will receive an E-Kit to forward to employees on how to get started with yoga. 

​5. Do you teach desk yoga or seated yoga for employers?

Yes! We have instructors who specialize in yoga at the desk. We also offer meditation, which can be performed while seated.

​6. Do you offer workshops or team-building retreats?

Yes! Contact us!

7. Can you provide a yoga instructor for my conference event?

Yes! Contact us!

8. I’m a property manager looking to provide yoga classes for my building. Can you help me?​
Yes! We work with property managers all the time. Contact us!

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