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As an Empath, I have learned to use my intuition to not only understand the physical needs of my clients, but also the unspoken, emotional wounds that are locked in their bodies. By helping clients connect this physical tension with their past wounds, they begin to their journey of the mind, heart, and body connection.


Consistency will develop Patience

and this combination can change your life.

I know because it changed mine.

Yoga Teaching Experience

2019-present: Private Clients 

Los Angeles, California/Zoom

My current clients have demanding life schedules and suffer from lower back pain and/or sciatica due to too much sitting. After seeing their progress from once weekly sessions, their progress has been accelerated by twice weekly sessions. Their commitment to their health inspires me  and I love watching their progress!


2019-2020: Hike to Yoga LA (postponed indefinitely due to pandemic)

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, Los Angeles, California

Yoga can be a great tool to develop self-awareness and cultivate a strong, mobile spine and body. But it doesn't end there! Humans also need connection to nature and community. By leading my nature crew through the trail, moving together in breath, we embrace our diverity.


2016-2018: Chair Yoga, Various Low-Income Housing for 55+

Greater Los Angeles Area, California

I went to 4 properties a week to teach small group sessions to the 55+ populations who had suffered from medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and sciatica, and have histories of stroke, cancer, lung disease, hip replacements, and injuries. It is never too late to practice yoga and in fact, movement and breath can bring you a better quality of life. Scroll through my photos below! 

2018-11-19 12.51.12.jpg

2016-2018: Total Woman Gym + Spa Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw

Los Angeles, California

I love that this gym was for women only and I am sad that it is now closed. In my tenure there, I was very fortunate to teach a fun, alignment-based yoga class, and a restorative yoga class with guided imagery and breathwork. I would feel so honored that my students would spend 2 hours with me!


Workshops & Events

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Yoga can increase focus and concentration before meetings and conferences.

Specific groups can benefit from a personalized practice. 

Scroll to see some examples of my work!

1. Chair Yoga Small Group Session for APLA Health event

2. Motherhood Support monthly meeting

3. Full Moon Goddess Breathwork & Body Connection class for event

4. Black Women Breast Cancer Survivors Group monthly meeting

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