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Reduce your BACK and SCIATICA pain
with the HANG Method Program™

Created & Designed by Laurie Hang

Teri G.

"After 6 sessions I saw Laurie my pain is finally starting to decrease. It really helps relax my tension better than any painkiller or physical therapy that western medicine sent me to."

Andy K.

"Setting aside a couple hours a week with Laurie has brought me back from the daily aches and physical limitations I tolerated as my new normal. She genuinely cares for my well-being and it shows."

Who is Laurie Hang?

Laurie Hang, known as "Your Self-Care Bff" in Los Angeles, is a Certified Yoga Therapist who helped many students to finally find relief from back and sciatica pain.

Through her extensive experience, Laurie Hang created The HANG Method, the Holistic Approach to Nourishing Growth, to support individuals of all ages ready to address the pain disrupting their life.

MVIMG_20200421_160345 (1).jpg
  • 1,000+ hours teaching yoga to all levels

  • Certified Yoga Therapist

  • 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

  • 30-Hour Yoga Therapy for Spinal Health Training

  • Creator & Designer of the HANG Method Program™

  • Founder of Hike to Yoga LA


Laurie Hang has worked with a wide range of physical discomforts and chronic diseases, helping individuals with all of sorts of body related issues, with a major focus on back and sciatica pain. All those years of practice allowed her to design and fine tune her own process, the HANG Method Program: 

  • Move safely and at your own pace through the THREE STAGES of the HANG Method Program from Active Discovery to address tension and pain, to Power Up to strengthen the core and spine muscles, and to Charge & Recharge to integrate your learnings into your lifestyle

  • Monitor and improve the FIVE PILLARS of well-being of the Hang Method Program: Level of ENERGY, Level of RELAXATION, Quality of SLEEP, Feeling HEALTHY and Feeling HAPPY

  • Consistent practice over the course of TWELVE WEEKS is KEY, and weekly sessions combine in Breathing techniques to center the mind, Yoga postures adapted to your unique body and Learning daily self-care practices to adapt into your lifestyle


Wonder what is a Session with Laurie like?




  • You are limited in movement & you are experiencing chronic pain, muscle soreness, body tension

  • Numerous office visits to medical professionals have NOT been able to ease your suffering long-term

  • You need someone to keep you accountable


  • You are unwilling to commit the time and energy to incorporate necessary changes into your life

  • You are not ready to engage in weekly 1-on-1 sessions with a trustworthy coach

  • You are horrified of the idea of stepping outside your comfort zone to become responsible for your own happiness


The HANG Method Program™ requires
a 3-month commitment to provide sustained results.

What is included?

Satisfaction guaranteed! 
You can cancel your 3-month commitment after 30-days.
We will happily refund your purchase, minus your first month of practice.

Weekly 75-min Online 1-on-1 Holistic Therapy Session(s)
Up to 8 sessions/month with a dedicated Certified Yoga Therapist.
Holistic Approach
Our Method adds emotional, social and spiritual well being to your physical well-being.
Initial Assessment
During your first session we will review your personal health history, current lifestyle, and we will perform a physical assessment to measure your current mobility and strength.
Food and Water Intake Recommendations
Receive insights on how to listen and nourish your body with what it deserves and break bad habits.
Singing Bowl Meditation
All sessions end with a yoga singing bowl meditation time.
24/7 Online Session Booking
Schedule or reschedule your appointments online.

Sofia J.

"Laurie truly listened to every word I said and that gave me so much respect for her. I lost over 25 pounds, gained strength, learned nutrition like never before, and most importantly found peace again."

Chris L.

"I was able to slow down my thoughts and begin to rest. It was the first time I had ever had so much control of me. I left her practice with little to no tension in my back."

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